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Brisbane Malayalee Association (BMA), a non-profitable organization, aims at providing a platform for the Malayalees to promote Social, cultural, charitable, educational and literary activities and to organize co-operative and charitable activities in the general interest and well being of the members of the association as and when required, and to coordinate, such activities with other communities

The association organizes numerous cultural programs and other enriching endeavours, entrenched in our tradition and culture, for the overall benefit of our community. Through these activities the association provides opportunity to its members to sharpen and showcase their innate skills, bring their dormant talents to open and enhance their leadership and organizing expertise.

BMA also works hand-in-hand with other like-minded organizations to promote programs of common interest. With these deeds, the association aspires to ensure that our younger generation is aware of and take pride in their rich heritage. The camaraderie also sets the stage, deep-rooted in our culture to spread their wings even further.

The association will leave no stone unturned to promote and maintain cultural legacy of Kerala through events and stage shows featuring celebrities from Kerala, sports tournaments for the members, literary and educational activities and charity initiatives. We earnestly request all of you to join hands with us to make this endeavour a grand success.

Malayalees-came from the southernmost state of India, Kerala. Kerala state also known as “God’s own country” because of the stunning landscape of green paddy field, tall coconut trees, clean backwaters, rivers and green forests throughout the state. Our native language is “Malayalam” and so the name “Malayalees” or other young Indians call us “Mallus”. Our state produces several types of spices – Black pepper, Ginger, Cardamom, Turmeric, etc. From ancient time onwards, our state has trade routes to Middle East, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and to even Europe. Other names associated with Kerala state are “ India’s Malabar coast”, and “Land of Adi- Sankara”

Upcoming Events

BMA All Australia & New Zealand Volleyball Tournament - July 16, 2022

BMA Soft ball Cricket Tournament - Sept 10 & 11, 2022

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